Gap Insurance

Don’t let gaps in your health coverage put you and your family at risk. Gap insurance plans are designed to solve the problem of insufficient coverage (e.g. high deductibles) or coverage lapses caused by lifestyle changes and events such as changing jobs, graduating, aging out of your parents’ plan, or retiring before you qualify for Medicare.

Gap Insurance
Frequently Asked Questions.

How soon can my coverage be in place?

Your coverage can be in place in as little as 1 business day.

How long can my coverage last?

As long as you want. Most plans can typically be renewed until age 65.

When can I apply for coverage?

You can apply for coverage year-round. There is no enrollment period for gap insurance.

Am I eligible for a subsidy from the government?


Can gap insurance cover my entire family?

Yes, although each family member will be required to answer the medical underwriting questions. Children are usually covered until age 25.

Do I have to find in-network doctors?

No, you can keep your existing doctors.

Do I have an application fee?

Not typically. Check your plan or ask an insurance agent for more details.

When is a payment due?

You provide payment information at the time of your application, although the charge does not occur until the first day of coverage.

I do not need the coverage anymore, can I get a refund?

Most plans will offer a pro rata refund. Check the details of your plan for more information.

What’s covered by gap insurance?

Hospital, health, and accident plans are available for qualifying applicants. These plans offer cash benefits for certain events, such as a hospital visit or emergency care. Benefits are paid directly to the insured. Most gap plans do not have a deductible or network to worry about, and are renewable until age 65.


  • Certain plans require you have ACA coverage in order to qualify.
  • Some plans are only available in certain states. Talk to an agent to learn more.
  • You must be approved to receive coverage. Expect to be asked a few basic health questions.


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