Get the coverage you need to live the healthy life you deserve. Major medical insurance, also known as Obamacare, is currently governed by the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”).

  • Everyone is Covered.

    You cannot be denied due to a pre-existing condition.

  • No Waiting Periods.

    Coverage starts the day you’re enrolled.

  • The Care You Need.

    Preventive services are covered at no charge.


Under the ACA, your major medical health plan must cover the following essential benefits:

  • 004-social
    Preventive care

  • 001-computer
    Professional services

  • 003-office-block
    Hospital services

  • Outpatient-services
    Outpatient services

  • emergency
    Urgent and emergency services

  • maternity
    Maternity services

  • mental-health2
    Mental health / chemical dependency services

  • dental-vision
    Pediatric dental and pediatric vision care

Major medical plans guarantee coverage and and do not have lifetime maximums.

How do I find the right plan?

Savers Health develops a strategy to help you purchase the best coverage for your specific situation based on:

  • Who needs coverage
  • Your county of residence
  • Your annual household income
  • Your specific goals for the plan

Then, with our assistance, you’ll select a plan, occasionally submit an application, and submit supplemental documents, like proof of income and/or proof that a prior health insurance plan was terminated, as requested by the Health Insurance Marketplace. These documents will help determine if you qualify for any subsidies.

Once you’ve been approved for coverage, you’ll activate your coverage by making your first payment.

Why should I invest in major medical coverage?

  • Prevent financial distress in the event of an unexpected medical event
  • Reduce the financial burden of prescription drugs
  • Access broad coverage networks without the need for a referral to see a specialist
  • Certain high deductible plans allow you to make tax deductible contributions to a health savings account (“HSA”), which is your money to use on future health expenses.

Remember, the cost to you is the same whether you purchase through Savers Health or not. We will partner to make the application and purchasing processes as simple as possible and help you find the most cost-effective solutions.


Don’t let unexpected and costly medical expenses hurt your health or your financial situation. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you with the right Major Medical coverage. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.