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The ACA has set enrollment periods that determine when a person can enroll in major medical insurance. Open Enrollment is typically scheduled from November 1 and remains open until December 15. Savers Health will help verify your enrollment eligibility, as there can be extended options. During open enrollment your application for health insurance cannot be turned down. Otherwise, you may need to focus on short-term medical insurance to bridge you until the next open enrollment period.

Is short term coverage right for me?

Short term health insurance plans do not meet the ACA’s minimum coverage requirements. Short term plans do not cover preventive care or pre-existing conditions. Depending on your specific coverage needs, it may be best for you to pay a temporarily higher premium to keep your current major medical insurance until you’re eligible to enroll in a new plan during open enrollment.

What if I need coverage outside of Open Enrollment?

If you aren’t eligible to apply for major medical coverage when you need it, short term medical and gap insurance products can provide the coverage you need in between major medical coverage enrollment periods.

Who benefits from short-term health insurance?

If you lose coverage for any of the following reasons, short term medical insurance can give you peace of mind until you’re eligible for major medical coverage. Short term health could be right for you if you’ve:


  • Changed jobs and lost group coverage
  • Recently graduated from college
  • Missed Open Enrollment
  • Aged out of your parents’ health insurance plan
  • Retired and are waiting for your Medicare benefits to start


Short term health insurance provides fast, flexible coverage for people who are in between insurance coverage periods or who have lost their health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment period for ACA-Compliant Marketplace plans.

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Partnering with Savers Health can help you keep your health insurance coverage and your peace of mind, even if you’re outside of the Open Enrollment Period. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.