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Girl in Dental Chair Getting Exam

Is Dental Insurance Affordable?

As important as it is, most health plans, including Medicare, do not provide coverage for most dental services. If you’re not covered under an employer’s group plan, what options are avail...

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Cartoon Nurse Asking How Bad

Should I Go To The ER, Urgent Care, or Primary Care?

You Know That You Need Care But What’s The Best Option? Life happens. Sometimes it’s a mysterious pain in your side. Other times, it’s a sudden bout of flu-like symptoms. When you’re dealing wit...

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Young Couple Reviewing Bills

Price Shopping For Health Care Can Save You Money

Content provided courtesy of  Blue Cross NC Early last year, an insured scheduled an MRI of his aching left shoulder, fully prepared to receive a hefty bill out-of-pocket bill, as he...

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Sample Medicare Card 500X900

Medicare Cost Increases For 2022

YOUR COSTS FOR MEDICARE ARE INCREASING FOR 2022 The standard premium for Medicare’s outpatient care coverage will jump by 14.5% for 2022, one of the largest increases in many years. The standard premi...

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Money & Stethoscope 900X500

Why Is Health Care So Expensive In America?

*Content for this post was provided courtesy of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. If you’ve ever wondered why health care in America is so expensive, you’re not alone. It ...

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Healthcare Worker w Piggy Bank


*Content in this blog post is provided courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Whether you’re signing up for a health plan, searching for a doctor or prescription or just...

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health insurance payment

2021 Health Insurance Payment

Make Your Health Insurance Payment By December 31st   If you enrolled in a new ACA plan for 2021, you must make your first premium payment to the insurance company no later than December 31, 2020...

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Older couple discussing dental and vision insurance with an agent.

Is Health Insurance cheaper if I go directly to an insurance company’s website?

NO!  The services offered by Savers Health are provided to the consumer at no extra cost.  By law, whether you use Savers Health, or go directly to the insurance company’s website, the insurance...

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