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Can The “Family Glitch Fix” Save You Money?

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The new Family Glitch Fix rule, which will be in effect for 2023 plans, allows family members/dependents of employees that are in a group plan to be eligible for a subsidy and purchase a marketplace plan if the cost of the insurance premium to cover the entire family is more than 9.12% of household income.  Previously, family members/dependents were only eligible for subsidies and marketplace plans if the employee only premium was more than 9.12% of household income, which is rarely the case.  We’ve outlined a couple scenarios below that might be helpful to illustrate the change:

Scenario #1

Susan, age 31, is a teacher who makes $32,000/yr.  Her husband Brad is self-employed and makes $25,000 a year.  They have two kids.  She has been insuring the family through her state health plan.  In 2022, her family was not able to get a marketplace subsidy because the insurance premium to just insure herself was not more than 9.12% of their household income.  She was paying $600/mo. to insure herself and her family through her state health plan.  Under the new Family Glitch Fix rule, Susan’s husband and children will be eligible for a subsidized marketplace plan because the $600/mo. family premium is 12.6% of their household income.  For 2023 Susan’s husband and children would be eligible for approx. $800 subsidy on the marketplace and purchase a great plan for $150/mo.  Susan will stay insured through the state health plan and the family will save $425/mo.

Scenario #2 

James is 42 and works in the parks department for the city.  He makes $50,000 a year.  His wife Sarah doesn’t work, and they have 2 kids.  It would cost him $450/mo. to insure his entire family through his group plan in 2023.  That is 10.8% of his household income for the year.  Therefore, his wife and 2 kids are eligible to get a subsidized plan on the marketplace.  Sarah and the kids get good health coverage through the marketplace for $170/mo. and James stays enrolled on his group plan with the city.  They will save $200/mo. thanks to the Family Glitch Fix rule.

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