Moving to North Carolina? Don’t Forget Your Health Insurance
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New To North Carolina? Don’t Forget Your Health Insurance

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According to Atlas Van Lines, North Carolina was the second most popular state to move to in 2020. That means we have a lot of new neighbors from out of state and we’d like to welcome you all! Moving means that you have to adjust to a new environment and update a lot of information. Hopefully, you’ve already updated your mailing address, updated your driver’s license and car registration and made a list of all the other things you need to do. On top of all of that, it’s likely that your health insurance won’t carry over to your new home state. So, if you’re new to the Old North State, you’ll need to:

  • Research North Carolina health insurance
  • Plan your health insurance budget 
  • Choose what coverage and benefits are most important to you

NC Health Insurance

ACA Qualified Plans

North Carolina has several high caliber insurance companies that offer ACA qualified options. Each company has a variety of plans to meet the coverage and financial needs of almost everyone. In addition to the great options that you’ll have, the recent Executive Order signed by President Biden means that more people will qualify for greater subsidies to help pay the insurance premiums!

Medicare Plans

If you have Original Medicare Parts A and B, you’re covered regardless of your move across state lines. However, Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug coverage plans often have preferred provider networks (PPOs) that can affect your out-of-state coverage. If you haven’t already, notify your Medicare plan ASAP that you’re relocating outside of your current plan’s service area. We represent top Medicare Advantage and Part D providers and will recommend the best option based on your circumstances. If you’re a Medicare Supplement policyholder, we can also see if there is a better plan or a more affordable rate available to you as a NC resident.

Short-Term Medical

You may find yourself simply needing temporary coverage until you become eligible for a group health plan through your employer. If that is the case, a Short-Term Medical (STM) plan may be the best fit. STM plans provide many of the benefits of a traditional health plan at an affordable premium.

What will work for you?

Depending on where you’re moving from, you might have a rate increase once you relocate. Medical insurance certainly isn’t a “one size fits all” product, so you’ll want to start looking for insurance plans that cover your needs and fit your budget. Whether you’re looking for something comparable the coverage you had before moving, or it’s time for an upgrade, a licensed NC insurance agent at Savers Health can connect you with a health plan and insurance options that work for you.

When can you enroll?

Usually, moving to a new state means you can qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) outside of the traditional Open Enrollment Period (OEP) which occurs from:

  • October 1 – December 7 for Medicare recipients (eligible applicants 65 and up)
  • November 1 – December 15 for individual ACA-compliant plans 

However, the Executive Order has created a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for everyone. This is a great opportunity to find a suitable plan.

Ready to Enroll?

Moving is hectic enough without adding navigating a new health insurance marketplace to your to-do list. To find a North Carolina health insurance coverage that fits your needs, connect with a Savers Health agent today.


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