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5 Tips for Reaching Your Health & Fitness Goals

Reaching both short and long term health and fitness goals is easier with the right tools and support. Simplify living a healthy lifestyle with these tips! Meal plan & prep. Thinki...

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Is Short-Term Health Insurance Right for You?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enforces enrollment periods that determine when a person can enroll in major medical insurance. Short-term health insurance provides fast, flexible coverage for people wh...

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Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

Here at Savers Health we want to help make sure you and your loved ones have every one of your health care needs met. That is why we only offer the best plans for Dental, Vision and Hearing. Having re...

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Healthcare Reform Update

Healthcare Reform is on the way, and numerous changes are being implemented that will impact you! The main benefits include: All individuals are going to be guaranteed access to health insurance. No ...

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What is Preventive Care?

As the cost of Health Care continues to rise, one of the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act is to require all Major Medical plans to cover “Preventive Care” visits at no additiona...

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How does a Health Savings Account (HSA) work?

An HSA combines the benefits of a high-deductible health plan, lower out-of-pocket exposure versus a traditional insurance plan, along with a tax-advantaged bank savings account that can be used for q...

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What type of insurance is right for me?

Every situation is unique, and the team at Savers Health is ready to provide a free consultation and match you up with the right health insurance solution.  Some key pieces of information to consider ...

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Why should I use Savers Health to purchase insurance?

Savers has been providing customers with insurance expertise since 1980.  We not only take your specific circumstances into consideration when providing quotes and recommendations, but after your poli...

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Is Health Insurance cheaper if I go directly to an insurance company’s website?

NO!  The services offered by Savers Health are provided to the consumer at no extra cost.  By law, whether you use Savers Health, or go directly to the insurance company’s website, the insurance...

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